Dicksboro GAA Club

Junior 'B' 2013

 10th August 2013

Junior 'B' North Championship

Dicksboro 3-14  Barrow Rangers 1-15

These two teams met only a few short weeks ago on 5th July in the League/Championship, a game in which the Paulstown outfit came out on top by 1-18 to 2-11.  Tonights match was in the Northern Championship and so we were in the business end of the season, a loss meaning the end for this year.
Niall Morrissey was again to lead the charge for the 'Boro when his penalty effort after five minutes was saved at the expence of a 65 but somehow his resultant 65 went straight to the Rangers net to give us an unexpected lead.  Further points from play from Paddy Cahill, Evan Guilfoyle and Stephen Tynan and two pointed frees from Niall meant that we were only trailing by a single point at HT, despite playing against a wind and facing the setting sun.  HT Dicksboro 1-5 Barrow Rangers 0-9.

The second half started with another pointed free from Niall within a minute to bring the game to parity but neither team could pull away for a long period of the half, Rangers being kept in the game with four pointed frees in the first fifteen minutes but no score from play during that time, while the 'Boro only managed three points during the same period of time.  The game started to change in our favour on the seventeenth minute when Ruairi Morrissey cleared a ball from our full back line which was collected by Ciaran Gough who landed the sliothar in our full forward line and Niall Morrissey did not need to be asked twice, pulling first time to rattle the Rangers net.  Back came Rangers three minutes later to yet again bring the game back to level at Dicksboro 2-9 Barrow Rangers 0-15 but from this point the 'Boro pulled away, scoring 1-5 in the last ten minutes to Rangers 1-0. 
Our semi-final game is against James Stephens which is currently scheduled for this Friday 16th August at 6.45pm in St. Johns Pk.

Panel:  Darragh Holohan, Padraig White, Ruairi Morrissey, JJ Hickey, Corey Cahill, Ciaran Gough, James Gittens, Jessie Watters (0-1), Enda O'Donoghue (0-1), Willie Cuddihy, Aaron Rowe, Evan Guilfoyle (0-2), Stephen Tynan (0-2), Niall Morrissey (3-6, 1-5 frees), Paddy Cahill (0-2), Collins Connolly, James Murphy, Graham Egan, Ger O'Donoghue, John Hanrick, Alan Purcell.

Some video including one of Morro's goals can be seen on Dicksboro's Facebook page

6th August 2013

Junior 'B' North Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 3-16  Bennettsbridge 1-14

A pointed free from Niall Morrissey in less than a minute and another from Willie Cuddihy two minutes later gave us a promising start in this Northern championship game in Bennettsbridge but a resurgent 'Bridge, playing with a strong wind took advantage of the conditions to hold the 'Boro scoreless for the next twenty one minutes at the end of which time the 'Bridge were 0-7 to 0-2 to the good.  Indeed this could have been worse but for John Hanrick bravely coming out to narrow the angle of a good 'Bridge attack which as a result ended in the side netting.  John was called on for a second time to pull off a good save just before the end of the half and this, coupled with some strong defence lead by CiarĂ¡n Gough meant we went in at HT behind by only 0-5 to 1-7.

Within nine minutes of of the start of the second half we had brought the game back to level at 1-9 each and an Aaron Rowe goal one minute later gave us a lead that we were not to relinquish as we were now playing some very good hurling, a Willie Cuddihy point from the sideline following a surging solo being but one of the highlights.  A Niall Morrissey goal on the nineteenth minute gave the 'Boro a commanding lead of 3-13 to 1-11, one which we were to hold on to until the end.  If we can reproduce this second half performance we will make formidable opposition in future games.  Our next match is scheduled for this Saturday in Clara against Barrow Rangers.

Panel:  John Hanrick, JJ Hickey, DD Molloy, Padraig White, Corey Cahill, Ciaran Gough, James Gittens, Enda O'Donoghue (0-1), Marco Ruessman, Willie Cuddihy (0-2), Aaron Rowe (1-1), Shane O'Brien (0-2), Stephen Tynan (1-1), Niall Morrissey (1-8, 0-5 frees), James Murphy, Mason Clifford, Craig Cahill, Ger O'Donoghue, Collins Connolly, Graham Egan, Stephen Rochford, Ruairi Morrissey, Alan Purcell, Evan Guilfoyle.

5th July 2013

Junior 'B' Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 2-11 Barrow Rangers 1-18

Barrow Rangers have moved to the top of the table in the Championship thanks to this win over the 'Boro this evening.  We had a very good first half, indeed we were ahead at HT by 1-8 to 0-10 but we just couldn't get ourselves going with the same rhythm in the second half.  Our first half goal from James Murphy started in our full back line when Ruairi Morrissey sent in a direct ball which made its way to James on the tenth minute.  This was quickly followed by points from Niall Morrissey and Collins Connolly to give us a 1-4 to 0-3 lead.  Rangers came straight back at us with four unanswered points to bring the game level and both teams were experiencing periods of dominance as Craig Cahill started a three point run from the 'Boro before Rangers also added a further three points before Niall Morrissey finished off the half with a late pointed free.
The second half was a different matter with Rangers getting on top, our first point coming from Craig on the twelfth minute. 1-2 in the last five minutes from the 'Boro took the bad look off the scoreboard as we were behind by 1-9 to 1-17 up to that point.  

Panel: John Hanrick, Ruairi Morrissey, DD Molloy, Padraic White, James Gittens, Ciaran Gough, Shane O'Brien, Stephen Tynan (0-2), Drew Phelan, Collins Connolly (0-1), Niall Morrissey (1-3, 0-1 Frees) , Graham Egan, James Murphy (1-1), Marco Ruesmann, Craig Cahill (0-4), Stephen Rochford, Alan Purcell, JJ Hickey.

13th April 2013

Junior 'B' North Hurling League

Dicksboro 0-13 Galmoy 1-10

It is hard to know how to feel after this Junior 'B' North hurling league game against Galmoy, disappointed not to have won, relieved not to have lost or content to have drawn. For each of these possibilities were on the cards as we went into injury time at the end of the second half. At the end of regulation time the sides were level but Galmoy were still pushing hard and were rewarded with a point in the thirty first minute to take that slender lead. With the final whistle imminent, a Sahne O'Brien point got us out of gaol to share the spoils. This game was tight throughout with neither team pulling away by more than a point or two and therefore on balance a draw was most probably the fairest result.

Panel: Sammy Morrissey, Eoin McCormack, John Kelly, Willie Sainsbury, Graham Egan, Ciaran Gough, Matthew Nolan, Stephen Tynan, Enda O'Donoghue, Peter Fitzpatrick, Drew Phelan,James Murphy, Collins Connolly, DD Molloy, Ger O'Donoghue, Eamonn Campion, Shane O'Brien.