Dicksboro GAA Club

Intermediates 2010-11




Heartache in Croke Park for Dicksboro

Ballymartle (Cork) 3-15, Dicksboro 1-20

With two minutes of injury time played with Dicksboro two points up, it turned into heartache when a free from 50 yards out for Ballymartle dropped into the corner of the ’Boro net to give the Cork side the AIB All-Ireland Intermediate Club title by a one point margin.
It was a very disappointing end to an excellent game played under ideal weather conditions at Croke Park on Sunday, February
With Ballymartle starting the game in electric fashion and six points up within the first six minutes, it took a very brave performance from the ’Boro during the remainder of the first half to claw back the lead. By half-time the Cork side were just one
point in front – 0-10 to 0-9. During the half the Ballymartle ’keeper brought off a good save from a Shane Maher penalty after Paul
O'Flynn had been fouled in the square. This was followed shortly afterwards by another fine save when Adrian Stapleton's shot looked destined to hit the back of the net.
The Cork side started the second half as they did the first and tacked on another 1-1 within the first two minutes of the restart. Up stepped Dicksboro again and by the 35th minutes were back on level terms - Ballymartle 1-11, Dicksboro 0-14.
When Adrian Stapleton, having received a good pass from Derek O'Gorman, rattled the Ballymartle net for a goal in the 46th minute
it pushed the ’Boro 1-17 to 1-13 in front. Ballymartle were not to be outdone and hit back with a goal, when a long range free found
its way to the ’Boro net. By the 60th minute, with Martin Gaffney adding three ’Boro points (two from play and  1 free) with a reply
of two points for Ballymartle - ’Boro 1-20, Ballymartle 2-15 - it looked as if Dicksboro were about to claim their second All-Ireland Intermediate Club title. However, that late, late goal saw the title go the Cork side's way.
It proved to be a double victory for Cork sides at Croke Park on Sunday, with Meelin capturing the AIB Junior Club title earlier in the afternoon with victory over John Lockes (Callan).
15 secs - play play Ballymartle
2 mins - point free Ballymartle
3 mins - point play Ballymartle
4 mins - point free Ballymartle
5 mins - point play Ballymartle
6 mins - point play Ballymartle
7 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
8 mins - point play Ballymartle
9 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
13 mins - point play Ballymartle
14 mins - point play, ’Boro, Conor O'Loughlin
15 mins - point play, ’Boro,  Martin Gaffney
16 mins - point play Ballymartle
17 mins - point play, ’Boro, Paul O'Flynn
21 mins - point ’65, Ballymartle
22 mins - Boro penalty, ’keeper saved from Shane Maher
27 mins - point play, ’Boro, Adrian Stapleton
28 mins - point play, ’Boro, Paul O'Flynn
30 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
31 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
HALF-TIME:  Ballymartle 0-10, DIcksboro 0-9
31 mins - play play, Ballymartle
32 mins - goal - Ballymartle
32.30 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
33 mins - point play, ’Boro, Shane Maher
34 mins - point play, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
35 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
37 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
39 mins - point play, ’Boro, Paul O'Flynn
40 mins - point play, ’Boro, Adrian Stapleton
42 mins - point play, Ballymartle
43 mins - point play, ’Boro, Paul O'Flynn
45 mins - point ’65, Ballymartle
46 mins - goal, ’Boro, Adrian Stapleton
47 mins - goal (from free), Ballymartle
51 mins - point play, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
54 mins - point free, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
56 mins - point play, Ballymartle
57 mins - point free, Ballymartle
60 mins - point play, ’Boro, Martin Gaffney
62 mins - goal (from free), Ballymartle
FULL TIME:  Ballymartle 3-15, DIcksboro 1-20.
Dicksboro scorers - M. Gaffney 0-12 (0-8 frees); A. Stapleton 1-2; P. O'Flynn (0-4); C. O'Loughlin, S. Maher (0-1 each).
DICKBORO - Sam Morrissey, David Glynn, Kieran Cuddihy, Philip Hogan, Michael Fagan, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Derek O'Gorman, Conor O'Loughlin, Paul O'Flynn, Martin Gaffney, Ollie Walsh, Cillian Starr, Shane Maer, Adrian Stapleton. Subs: Kevin Nolan for Derek O'Gorman (53 mins); Tom Manning for Cillian Starr (58 mins).

Match Photos by John Glynn


AIB Club Championship

15th January 2011

Dicksboro travelled to Ruislip on Saturday 15th to play Kilburn Gaels in the All Ireland Intermediate Quarter Final. The game was played after a pitch inspection following two days of rain in the London area. Under foot conditions  were very soft and contributed to many unforced errors. Kilburn  opened the scoring after four minutes with a pointed free by Stephen Alden.  Ollie Walsh quickly responded with a point and Eddie O’Donoghue soon put the Boro into the lead with his first pointed free of the day. Almost immediately Cillian Starr netted his first goal following an excellent interpassing movement involving the entire forward division.
Two further points, one from a free, by O’Donoghue followed two Kilburn points left the score at 1.04 to 0.03. O’Donoghue closed the first half scoring with another free.
( H.T 1.05 to 0.03.)
Martin Gaffney extended the Boro immediately after half time with a long range point from play. The Boro was then shocked when a close in Kilburn free was netted by Ml O’Dwyer the Kilburn number 14. Before  they fully appreciated their improvement position Paul O’Flynn soloed down the right wing before delivering a marvellous point. Not to be out done Kilburn almost stopped many Boro hearts with a low across the goal ball which mercifully did not get the required touch to convert it. Matters were steadied in the eighth  minute when O’Donoghue, playing with the strong wind converted  the first of his two 65s of the day. Following an excellent pass from Cillian Starr Paul O’Flynn pointed to leave the score1.09 to 1.03. The gap widened further with O’Donoghue’s second 65 before O’Dwyer of Kilburn pointed.
Kevin Nolan who had just replaced Shane Maher delivered a long range shot from midfield for Cillain Starr to score his second goal. In the final 10 minutes O’Donoghue scored his fourth free while Starr brought his tally to 2.01. However another shock was in store for the Palmerstown team when a long range shot from Reddin ended in the Boro  net  (2.12 to 2.04).  It was too late to really upset matters and having opened the Boro scoring, Ollie Walsh closed the scoring to sealed a hard fought win.
Overall it was a difficult game to play in with conditions almost unplayable but the Boro lads stuck to their task throughout and fully
deserved their win. This results in a semi final place against St John’s of Antrim currently scheduled for January 30th at a venue to decided.


Sam Morrissey, David Glynn, Kieran Cuddihy, Philip Hogan, Michael Fagan, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Derrick O’Gorman, Eddie O’Donoghue (0.07, 4Fs, 2 65s) Paul O’Flynn,(0.02)  Martin Gaffney(0.01) OlliE Walsh, (0.02)Cillian Starr(2.01)  Shane Maher, Adrian Stapleton.. Subs Conor O’ Loughlin for Adrian Stapleton (42 Mins) Kevin Nolan for Shane Maher (47 Mins)

Article by Eddie Holohan. 
Match Photos by John Glynn



21st Nov 2010
Dicksboro 5-9 Celbridge 0-8
Dicksboro went into this AIB Leinster Club Intermediate Championship Final without the services of Conor
O' Loughlin and Derek O'Gorman, who were unavailable, in a very cold but dry Nowlan Pk this afternoon.  Celbridge were certainly dominant during the opening ten minutes
of this match but they did not convert this dominance into scores, as they moved 0-2 to 0-0 in front.  On the eleventh minute Dicksboro recorded their first score with a point from Paul O'Flynn and indeed the period between the eleventh and sixteenth minute of this half changed the game in the 'Boro's favour as an incredible 2-6 was scored by both teams in this five minute spell.  Paul followed up his point with the 'Boro's first goal and then within a minute, he was driving the ball across the box from the Old Stand side to the waiting Shane Maher who blasted to the net.  Celbridge replied to the 'Boro's two consecutive goals with two points, one each from Billy White and Leo Quinn.  Eddie O'Donoghue then added two points from placed balls.  On the twenty fourth minute Cillian Starr was fouled in the square and the referee, David Hughes from Carlow,  instantly signalled for a penalty.  Shane Maher's effort was half blocked but found it's way to the net.  Our last score of the half came deep in injury time with a fine point from Martin Gaffney.

Half time score: Dicksboro 3-4 Celbridge 0-7.

The second half saw David Carroll start instead of David Glynn, who received a head injury in the first half.  Ten minutes in saw another forced change when Martin Gaffney suffered a leg injury and was replaced by Kevin Nolan, who in turn received a very heavy tackle and was replaced within another fifteen minutes by Evan Guilfoyle.  The fact that Celbridge only scored one point in this half was testament to a fine display from the 'Boro back lines of David Carroll, Kieran Cuddihy, Philip Hogan, Michael Fagan, Danny Kenny and Enda Malone.  Dicksboro's third point of this half was one of the scores of the game with Ollie Walsh putting the ball over the bar from all of eighty yards.  Paul o'Flynn finished off the half with two more goals, both scored in the twenty ninth minute to leave the final score:
Dicksboro 5-9  Celbridge 0-8.

Panel:  Sam Morrissey, David Glynn, Kieran Cuddihy, Philip Hogan, Michael Fagan, Danny Kenny, Enda
Malone, Tom Manning, Ollie Walsh(0-1), Paul O'Flynn(3-1), Martin Gaffney(0-2), Shane Maher(2-0), Cillian
Starr, Eddie O'Donoghue(0-5), Adrian Stapleton, Cillian Breathnach, David Carroll, Paddy Henderson(for
Tom Manning), Michael Rafter, David Ryan, Gary Gaule, Evan Guilfoyle, Darragh Buggy, Jessie Waters,
Derek O'Gorman, Conor O'Loughlin, Oisin Walsh(for Adrian Stapleton), Cillian Buckley, Kevin Nolan. 

Match Photos by John Glynn




7th November 2010

A total of 4-2 (all from play) from Adrian Stapleton helped Dicksboro to a comfortable win over Kildalkey (Meath) in the semi-final of
the Leinster Club Intermediate Hurling Championship at Nowlan Park on Sunday, November 7th.  Dicksboro opened the scoring with a
point from Adrian Stapleton with Kildalkey replying with two pointed frees and a point from play when Stapleton rattled the net with
his first goal.  Kildalkey's midfielder Padraig Keogh added a point from play to be followed by a rather lucky goal for the ’Boro when
Kildalkey's goalie Gary McNally misjudged a long range free from Eddie O'Donoghue and had collected the ball behind the line with the
umpire immediately reaching for the green flag. Dicksboro added another three points from E. O'Donoghue (free), Paul O'Flynn and Martin
Gaffney, who also had a penalty saved by the Meathmen. Kildalkey had the last two scores of the half, when a mix-up in the ’Boro defence
allowed Kildalkey in for a goal and added a pointed free from Noel Kirby to leave the half-time score:
Dicksboro 2-4, Kildalkey 1-6.
Kildalkey levelled the scores soon after the restart when Noel Kirby pointed a free. Then up stepped Adrian Stapleton with a brace of
goals – the first when he received a good pass from Conor O'Loughlin who had made a good run through the centre – the second courtesy
of a good pass from Tom Manning.  This put the ’Boro firmly in the driving seat and they held control of the game through to the final
whistle. Kildalkey knocked over a point, followed by two points from play by Martin Gaffney and Derek O'Gorman for the ’Boro. Two
further points for Kildalkey where replied to by two further goals for the home side – the first when Paul O'Flynn made a run through the
Kildalkey defence, passed to Shane Maher who rifled the ball to the net, followed shortly afterwards by another pass from Paul O'Flynn
to Adrian Stapleton who knocked up his fourth goal of the day. Kildalkey kept trying and tacked on two points from play when Shane Maher
added his second goal followed by a point from play by Adrian Stapleton. Kildalkey had their final score of the day – a point from play.
Coming towards full time Dicksboro added another goal to their tally courtesy of Eddie O'Donoghue – to leave the final score 8-7 to 1-14 –
and put them through to the Leinster Club Intermediate Hurling Final.

Dicksboro Scorers – Adrian Stapleton (4-2), Eddie O'Donoghue (2-1), Shane Maher (2-0), Martin
Gaffney (0-2), Paul O'Flynn (0-1), Derek O'Gorman (0-1). 
Dicksboro – Sam Morrissey, David Glynn, Kieran Cuddihy, Philip Hogan, Michael Fagan, Danny Kenny,
Enda Malone, Derek O'Gorman, Conor O'Loughlin, Paul O'Flynn, Martin Gaffney, Tom Manning, Cillian
Starr, Eddie O'Donoghue (Capt.), Adrian Stapleteon. Subs: Shane Maher (for T. Manning), David Ryan
(for C. O'Loughlin), David Carroll (for P. Hogan), Paddy Henderson (for Enda Malone), Michael Rafter
(for Cillian Starr).

Match Photos by John Glynn