Dicksboro GAA Club

Seniors 2012

11th November 2012

Senior County Final

Dicksboro 0-12 Ballyhale Shamrocks 0-16

Congratulations to Ballyhale Shamrocks on winning the Kilkenny Senior County Final. From the off, they looked very threatening, registering 0-4 to our 0-0 in the first nine minutes. Indeed their third point seemed destined for the net but for some excellent blocking and a point blank save from Aaron Duggan. A Martin Gaffney free after ten minutes put us on the scoreboard and on fourteen minutes we had two points in quick succession, one from Ollie Walsh and the other from Óisin Walsh to bring us back into the game, although still trailing by 0-3 to 0-5. Points were exchanged between the teams for the remainder of the half which finished at HT Dicksboro 0-7 Ballyhale Shamrocks 0-9. Before the first half finished however, we were to have two worrying moments on the twentieth and twenty eighth minute when Ballyhale were awarded penalties and with a master craftsman like Henry Shefflin taking them these were anxious moments. Thankfully these were both saved off the line by Shane Maher, as if they were converted this could have turned out to be a completely different game.

The start of the second half saw Ballyhale on the attack with two points within three minutes and we had to wait until the fifth minute for an Eddie O'Donoghue point. A scoring doldrum followed for the 'Boro as our next score came from a pointed free from Martin Gaffney on the sixteenth minute but this was soon followed by a Paul O'Flynn point from play. Six minutes remained in the game and five points separated the teams when Eddie struck low and hard but agonisingly saw his effort come back off the post. We can only wonder how the game would have panned out if this chance had to go in the net, but it was not to be.

Panel: Aaron Duggan, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn(Capt), Robbie Fitzpatrick, Cillian Buckley, John Fagan, Martin Gaffney(0-8, 0-8 frees), Oisin Walsh(0-1), Ollie Walsh(0-1), Kevin Kenny(0-1), Shane Maher, Paul O'Flynn(0-1), Cillian Breathnach, Eddie O'Donoghue for Kevin Kenny(inj), Davy Ryan, Kevin Nolan, Cillian Starr for John Fagan(inj), Philly Hogan, Eoin Gough, Tom Manning, Rory Glynn, Michael Rafter, Mikey Hayes, Stephen Farrell, Eoin Fennelly, David Carroll, Jamie Lynch, Darragh Buggy, Darragh Holohan, Evan Cody, Derek O'Gorman.

28th October 2012

Senior Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 1-15 James Stephens 0-16

For the first time since 1994, our senior team have reached the Kilkenny County Final and they have deservingly done so by defeating over neighbours, James Stephens, who were reigning champions. We are now in both the Minor and Senior finals and we'll leave it to someone else to say when that happened last. It was only natural that both sides would start slightly nervously and this showed itself on the scoreboard when after eight minutes the score was level at 0-1 each and both teams had squandered a few chances. There was an exciting 60 second spell on the twelfth minute when firstly Paul O'Flynn had a good goal chance that unfortunately it was driven into the side net and then the Village hit the post and the ball was cleared for a 65, which was converted. Another goal chance came our way on the seventeenth minute when Shane Maher drove a pile driver that returned off the post and so things were looking good at this point in that we were creating real chances but at the same time trailing by 0-6 to 0-3. A point from Paul and a pointed free from Martin Gaffney nudged us closed but our break came when Cillian Buckley drove a free from our back line straight to Shane who's handpass found Ollie Walsh who rifled the sliothar into the top corner of the Village net. Advantage Dicksboro as the Village were now suffering as a result of the number of wides they had driven. Points were exchanged and the teams went in level at HT Dicksboro 1-6 James Stephens 0-9.

Martin Gaffney lead the way at the start of the second half with two pointed frees within three minutes, one from 100 yards. Minutes later we had a setback when Cillian Buckley, who was playing a stormer, had to be replaced as a result of a leg injury. Eoin Larkin was keeping the Village in the game, single handedly, and brought the game back to level pegging at 1-8 to 0-11 after seven minutes. A Martin Gaffney free on eleven minutes and an inspirational individual point from Paul on fourteen minutes put us back ahead and there we were to remain until Larkin again put the Village back level with yet another free after twenty six minutes. Minutes earlier we had yet another goal chance when Davy Ryan blasted a shot that was bravely saved by the Village keeper. It was now a case of who was going to hold their nerve the best and that turned out to be the 'Boro with points from Davy Ryan, Martin Gaffney and an excellently worked final point converted by Kevin Kenny on thirty three minutes after O'Flynn saw him run into space and his pin point through ball made it easy for Kevin.

Eight different 'Boro players scored in this semi final which is very encouraging. The Village's reliance on Larkin, who scored eleven of their 0-16 tally was telling. Of course nothing is won yet, but it's nice to be in the final.

Match Photos by John Glynn

20th October 2012

Senior Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 3-15 St. Martins 0-19

This five point win over St. Martins in the quarter final of the Championship is a sure sign that this team is going from strength to strength the more the Championship progresses. We were worthy winners. Our county man, Cillian Buckley took the leaders role by settling us down with two early points in the first four minutes. Yet again our defensive lines looked very solid and St. Martins had to wait until the fourteenth minute to register their first point from play, although they did have two from frees and remained goal-less in the game despite putting us under relentless pressure in the closing minutes as they tried to salvage the game with goals. Midway through the first half the sides were level at 0-4 when Kevin Kenny supplied Shane Maher who scored his and the 'Boro's first goal of the day and this was enough for us to maintain a lead at HT by 1-8 to 0-9.

St. Martins had the best of the starts in the second half, notching up three unanswered points in the first eight minutes, the last of these from Robert Shore in front of goal when a goal seemed on. Thankfully he drove it over the bar. A Martin Gaffney free soon followed and within minutes there was a scramble for the sliothar in the Martin's six yard box when Shane came charging in to sent it to the net. We were now on top again and that was the way it remained as we grew in confidence.

Match Photos by John Glynn

Panel: Aaron Duggan, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn(Capt), Robbie Fitzpatrick, Cillian Buckley(0-3, 0-1 free), John Fagan(0-1), Martin Gaffney(0-7, frees) Oisin Walsh, Ollie Walsh(0-1), Kevin Kenny(1-0), Shane Maher(2-2), Paul O'Flynn(0-1), Cillian Breathnach, Kevin Nolan, Philly Hogan, Eoin Gough, Cillian Starr, Mikey Hayes, Tom Manning, Rory Glynn, Michael Rafter, Evan Cody, Stephen Farrell, Davy Ryan, Eoin Fennelly, David Carroll, Jamie Lynch, Darragh Buggy, Darragh Holohan.

14th October 2012

Senior Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 2-15 Dunnamaggan 0-12

The signs were looking ominous for Dunnamaggan from an early stage of this championship game (relegation semi final), when at 0-1 each and only four minutes gone, Paul O'Flynn had a goal chance but he did not make a full connection and so failed to score. The first of the 'Boro goals was to come only a few minutes later, when a ball worked out of our defence, made its way to Martin Gaffney, who obliged. Our defensive lines looked rock solid throughout this game, so much so, that Dunnamaggan did not have one single clear goal chance from play in the game. The 'Boro were awarded a penalty in injury time when Paul O'Flynn was pulled down in the square and a goal was on. Martin Gaffney's effort was driven straight down the middle only for the goalie to deflect it over the bar for the last point of the half. HT Dicksboro 1-7 Dunnamaggan 0-6.

With less than one minute of the second half played, Robbie Fitzpatrick drove a long ball out of defence, straight to Paul, who put over our first point of the half and giving us the perfect start. A pointed free followed from the 'Boro and on the eighth minute Dunnamaggan got a twenty metre free and went for goal which was saved and put out for a 65, which was missed. This was a crucial period of time in the game as within one minute, the 'Boro had another goal on the board, this time from Kevin Kenny and the scoreboard read, Dicksboro 2-10 Dunnamaggan 0-6, with eleven minutes of the second half played. Our opponents did reply with three unanswered points, but we were playing with unity and never looked like relinquishing our lead. FT Dicksboro 2-12 Dunnamaggan 0-12. This is our second win in a row and this team continue to grow in confidence with every outing.

Panel: Aaron Duggan, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn(Capt), Robbie Fitzpatrick, Cillian Buckley(0-1), John Fagan, Martin Gaffney(1-10, 0-8 frees) Oisin Walsh, Ollie Walsh, Kevin Kenny(1-1), Shane Maher, Paul O'Flynn(0-3), Cillian Breathnach, Kevin Nolan, Philly Hogan, Eoin Gough, Cillian Starr, Mikey Hayes, Tom Manning, Rory Glynn, Michael Rafter, Evan Cody, Stephen Farrell, Davy Ryan, Eoin Fennelly, David Carroll, Jamie Lynch, Darragh Buggy, Darragh Holohan.


7th October 2012

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 0-18 Graigue/Ballycallan 0-15

Dicksboro senior team played their last game in the group stage of the league today in Nowlan Pk against Graigue/Ballycallan. This may not have been a classic, but the objective was to win. Job done, more to do. Dunnamaggan are our next opponents in the first round of the championship and so all games from now on carry high stakes. Five times the sides were level in the first half in our game against Graigue in what turned out to be a goal-less game. That was not to say there was not goal chances, Aaron Duggan was called on to make a spectacular save whilst Paul O’Flynn saw his shot go narrowly wide after some very good work to put himself in a scoring position in the first half. HT Dicksboro 0-8 Graigue/Ballycallan 0-6. The second half was much the same for the first twenty one minutes, neither side taking control of the game. At this point, when the sides were again level, the ‘Boro scored four unanswered points to give us a lead of the same margin. A couple of late points from Graigue and a pointed 65 in injury time from the ‘Boro left the FT score Dicksboro 0-18 Graigue/Ballycallan 0-15. Panel: Aaron Duggan, Enda Malone, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Robbie Fitzpatrick, Cillian Buckley, Ollie Walsh, Martin Gaffney, Eoin Gough, Kevin Kenny, Cillian Starr, Shane Maher, Paul O’Flynn, Cillian Breathnach, Tom Manning for Cillian Starr, Stephen Farrell for Martin Gaffney(inj), John Fagan, Kevin Nolan, Philly Hogan, Michael Rafter, Mikey Hayes, Rory Glynn, Eoin Fennelly, Evan Cody, Stephen Farrell, Davy Ryan, David Carroll, Jamie Lynch, Oisin Walsh, Enda O’Donoghue.

Match Photos by John Glynn Video Clips

26th August 2012

Tom Hogan Memorial Cup Final

Dicksboro 0-12 Graigue/Ballycallan 0-20

Match Photos by John Glynn

14th July 2012

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 1-15 James Stephens 3-14.

With one match left in the group stage of the senior league against Graigue/Ballycallan, this result has unfortunately left us facing a relegation semi final later on. Failure to take full advantage of goal chances in the first half and a defensive mistake leading to a Village goal gave us the narrowest of leads at halftime. Despite this we were playing well in the first half and were worthy of our HT lead of 0-10 to 1-6.

The second half however was a different story with the Village scoring 2-1 to the 'Boro's 0-1 in the first ten minutes, the second goal coming from a penalty. The Village were now on top by 0-11 to 3-7 and looked like increasing their lead and indeed after a couple of points were exchanged the Village did put six points between the teams half way through the half. A 'Boro goal followed but the big comeback never arrived.

Panel: Aaron Duggan, Danny Kenny, kieran Cuddihy, Robbie Fitzpatrick, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Rory Glynn, Cillian Starr, Ollie Walsh, Martin Gaffney, Oisin Walsh, Eoin Gough, Kevin Kenny, Shane Maher, Paul O'Flynn, Eoin Fennelly for Eoin Gough, Mason Clifford for Cillian Starr, Stephen Farrell for Shane Maher(inj), Cillian Breathnach, Tom Manning, Kevin Nolan, Michael Rafter, Mikey Hayes, Jamie Lynch, Evan Cody, DD Molloy, John Fagan, Enda O'Donoghue, Paddy Cahill, Briain Dollard, Conor Maharaj, Darragh Holohan.

30th June 2012

Aylward Cup

Dicksboro 2-11 Fenians 2-9

It was nice to finish our run in the Aylward Cup with a win over Fenians(Johnstown) last Saturday in Freshford. Playing with a wind in the first half, we would have liked to have put up more scores but as it turned out we only lead by a single point at halftime, Dicksboro 0-8 Fenians 1-4. Leading by five points to no score within six minutes of the start of the game, we were in control until Fenians scored a goal. We replied very soon after with a pointed sixty five from Shane Maher and another point from Stephen Farrell but the last twelve minutes was all Fenians. The second half was a better display for both teams, Fenians starting strongest with a goal within a minute. Both teams were level three times during this half with Fenians nudging in front by a point (1-11, 2-9) with five minutes remaining. The defining moment came with one minute of normal time left on the clock when Kevin Nolan broke down a Fenians attack, the sliothar going to Eoin Fennelly who took on the opposition half back line before providing Mason Clifford with the score winning pass as he slipped it into the net. Dicksboro 2-11 Fenians 2-9. Panel: Aaron Duggan, DD Molloy, Ciaran Cuddihy, Michael Rafter, John Fagan, Kevin Nolan, Rory Glynn, Michael Fagan (0-1), Eoin Fennelly, Stephen Farrell (0-2), Tom Manning, Paul O’Flynn (0-2), Mason Clifford (1-0), Shane Maher (1-5, 0-4 frees), Robbie Fitzpatrick (0-1), Cillian Breathnach, Jamie Lynch, Evan Cody, Shane O’Brien, Darragh Holohan, Enda O’Donoghue.

7th June 2012

Aylward Cup

Heavy rain meant that the venue for our second game in the Aylward Cup against St. Patricks, Ballyragget had to be moved from Palmerstown to St. James Pk. Losing by 1-5 to 0-4 at halftime, a lacklustre performance in the second half sealed our faith as we went down heavily on a final score of St. Patricks 3-13 to Dicksboro 0-9.

Panel: Cillian Breathnach, Mikey Hayes, Ciaran Cuddihy, David Carroll, Philly Hogan, Michael Fagan, Enda Malone, Kevin Nolan, Michael Rafter, Rory Glynn, Oisin Walsh, Tom Manning, Willie Cuddihy, Shane Maher, Brian Dollard, Aaron Duggan, Stephen Farrell, Enda O’Donoghue, Paddy Cahill.


31st May 2012

Aylward Cup

Dicksboro 4-14 Conahy Shamrocks 2-13

Our first group game of the Aylward Cup was held in Palmerstown this evening against Conahy Shamrock. This is the first of five games which will be held during June in this competition, our other opponents will be Erin's Own, St. Patrick's, Fenians and Tullaroan. The team sheet for this game reflects the fact that this competition is an ideal opportunity to experiment with our senior panel and give more players a chance to play senior games. The unfortunate part of this game was that Gary Gaule fell awkwardly and suffered a knee injury and we wish him well in his recovery.

A Shane Maher goal late in the first half ensured the 'Boro went in at HT leading by just one point at 1-8 to 1-7. Two 'Boro points from play at the start of the second half, one each from Tom Manning and Eoin Gough gave us a good start but Conahy responed with three in a row to keep them in the game. This was short lived however, when Peter Turley again the 'Boro the upper hand with a further goal. Seventeen minutes had elapsed when Paul O'Flynn collected the sliothar on the sideline and squared it across to the waiting Brian Dollard whose goal gave us the impetus to finish off the game.

Panel: Aaron Duggan, DD Molloy, Mikey Hayes, David Carroll, Gary Gaule, David Glynn, Philly Hogan, Kevin Nolan, Michael Fagan, Brian Dollard, Tom Manning, Paul O'Flynn, Peter Turley, Shane Maher, Eoin Gough, John Fagan for Mikey Hayes, Willie Cuddihy for Gary Gaule, Rory Morrissey for Peter Turley, Stephen Farrell for Brian Dollard, JJ Hickey, Enda O'Donoghue, Cillian Breathnach.

18th May 2012

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 1-14 Carrickshock 2-11

After a disappointing final quarter to our last league game against O'Loughlin Gaels, a much more spirited performance was need tonight against Carrickshock and that is exactly what we got. From the off we played with much more determination, despite getting a setback after less than three minutes when Eddie O'Donoghue received a serious arm injury and during all the confusion, Jamie Power slipped in for a goal. We got more than our share of bad luck during the first half when both Cillian Buckley and Enda Malone suffered leg injuries and also had to be replaced. Rain fell throughout the duration of the match and the slippery conditions lead to a second Carrickshock goal on the twentieth minute when one of our defenders slipped and Michael Rohan took full advantage. The 'Boro kept to their task and by halftime, there was only three points in it, Dicksboro 0-8 Carrickshock 2-5.

The second half started with another Jamie Power score, this time a point in less than a minute. The trojan work of Ollie Walsh and Derek O'Gorman was bound to pay dividends at some stage and that came on the nineth minute when Kevin Kenny picked up a ball on the 65 and directed it straight to Cillian Starr who in turn moved it on to Shane Maher who registered the 'Boro's first goal of the league and brought us to within a point of our opponents. Carrickshock stretched out their lead to three points by the twenty sixth minute but they were to score no more. Trailing by one point and with thirty three minutes on the clock, Paul O'Flynn found himself with a little space, one touch got the ball into his hand, and a first time strike put the ball over the bar for the equalising score with the last puck of the game.

Our next outing in the league is on 15th July.

Panel: Cillian Breathnach, Kieran Cuddihy, Enda Malone, Rory Glynn, Michael Fagan, Eddie O'Donoghue, Ollie Walsh, Cillian Buckley(0-1), Derek O'Gorman(0-1), Oisin Walsh(0-2), Eoin Gough, Cillian Starr, Shane Maher(1-9, 0-8 frees) Paul O'Flynn(0-1), David Glynn for Eddie O'Donoghue, Philly Hogan for Enda Malone, Kevin Kenny for Cillian Buckley, Robbie Fitzpatrick for Eoin Gough, Aaron Duggan, Kevin Nolan, Michael Rafter, Tom Manning, Gary Gaule, Jamie Lynch, Mikey Hayes, Conor Maharaj, Darragh Buggy, Brian Dollard, Philly Byrne, DD Molloy, Evan Cody, Darragh Holohan.


13th May 2012

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 0-14 O'Loughlin Gaels 2-20

If you take a look at the final score in this game, held in Nowlan Pk, you might be of the opinion that this was a one sided game. Not so. For a considerable part of the game the 'Boro were competitive, even leading at halftime by 0-11 to 0-9, granted playing with the advantage of the wind. In fact, on no less than seven occasions throughout the game, both teams were level. The wheels however came off the 'Boro wagon on the fourteenth minute of the second half, when strangely, the teams were level at 0-14 each and a high lobbing ball arrived in the 'Boro six yard box only to be deftly deflected to our net. It was at this point we needed a response, but it never came and a second O'Loughlin's goal three minutes later sealed their victory as we lost our shape in the final quarter, allowing O'Loughlins to register a disproportionate final score.

Panel: Cillian Breathnach, Danny Kenny, Kieran Cuddihy, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Cillian Buckley, Enda Malone, Martin Gaffney, Ollie Walsh, Oisin Walsh, Derek O'Gorman, Cillian Starr, Shane Maher, Eoin Gough, Paul O'Flynn, Kevin Kenny for Cillian Starr, Tom Manning for Shane Maher, Philip Hogan for Oisin Walsh.

Match Photos by John Glynn Video Clips