Dicksboro GAA Club

Seniors 2013

14th September 2013

Senior Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 1-16 Fenians 1-14

When you look back on a match that you've won you can look at it with different glasses than if you had lost and so if we lost this game, we would be rueing all the missed chances in the first half.  An early goal from Fenians after only one minute of play spurred them on to play the better hurling in the first half, but we still could have been much closer to them at half-time.  We were only one goal behind Fenians after eleven minutes but Conor Tobin was having a good game for our opponents and he lead the way for a five point unanswered spree which really put us on the back foot as we now trailed by eight points.  Late scores from Shane Maher and Paul O'Flynn meant we went in at HT losing by 0-6 to 1-9, but still with a lot to do in the second half.
Another good start from Fenians in the second half with a point in less than a minute did not exactly raise the 'Boro supporters spirits but things started to change in our favour shortly afterwards with points from Kevin Kenny and Cillian Buckley in the third minute, with Kevin following it up two minutes later with a great goal.  By the twelfth minute we had turned around the Fenians half-time lead as we drew level at 1-12 each and shortly afterwards we took the lead for the first time with a Shane Maher pointed free, a lead we were not to relinquish to the end.  We now advance to the quarter finals and if we can put in a sixty minute performance to the standard of the second half against Fenians, we will be a match for anyone. 

Panel:  Aaron Duggan, Evan Cody, Kieran Cuddihy, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Tom Manning, Cillian Buckley (0-2), Conor O'Loughlin, Derek O'Gorman, Marco Ruessman, Ollie Walsh, Kevin Kenny (1-3), Shane Maher (0-5, 0-3 frees) Paul O'Flynn (0-4), Oisin Walsh (0-1) for Marco Ruessman, Martin Gaffney for Derek O'Gorman (0-1), Cillian Breathnach, Cillian Starr, Danny Kenny, Kevin Nolan, Davy Ryan, Philly Hogan, Eoin Fennelly, Rory Glynn, Darragh Buggy, Willie Cuddihy, Shane O'Brien, Michael Rafter, Mikey Hayes, Paddy Cahill, John Fagan, Robbie Fitzpatrick, Darragh Holohan.

Match photos by John Glynn

8th September 2013

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 1-14 Clara 1-19

This defeat at the hands of top of the table Clara, means that we have unfortunately finished at the opposite end of our group table and so will have to play Fenians next Saturday 14th September at 6pm in Freshford in the first round of the championship.  This was an encouraging display from the 'Boro who were within a point of Clara with three quarters of the game gone, Clara only really getting the upper hand in the last quarter.  All is certainly not lost as we were in the same position this time last year and we all know what happened after that.

Match Photos by John Glynn

25th August 2013

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 1-15 Erin's Own 1-13

Dicksboro came out on the right side of this tight match, held in Freshford this afternoon, to give us our first points in the league and the life-line we needed to perhaps stay out of a relegation semi-final.  Our halftime lead of 1-5 to 0-6 could have been greater if we took some more of the scoring chances that came our way but the important thing to do in these kind of situations is to keep the head and continue to put in the effort and this is exactly what we did.  Nine minutes into the second half, 'Comer had managed to bring the game back to level at 1-8 each and it looked like the team with the greatest determination were going to be the eventual winners.  The 'Boro were just edging it in the second quarter of the second half and we never went behind in the half, although 'Comer did come within a point of us with two minutes of normal time remaining to maintain the pressure.  This was a good win for the 'Boro and hopefully it is something we can now build on.

Panel:  Aaron Duggan, Evan Cody, Kieran Cuddihy, Enda Malone, Tom Manning, David Glynn (Capt) (0-1), Kevin Nolan, Cillian Buckley (0-3, frees), Cillian Starr, Derek O'Gorman (1-1), Marco Ruessman, Ollie Walsh (0-1), Kevin Kenny (0-1), Shane Maher (0-8, 0-7 frees), Paul O'Flynn, Cillian Breathnach, Oisin Walsh, Martin Gaffney, Eoin Fennelly, Danny Kenny, Mikey Hayes, Michael Rafter, Shane O'Brien, Darragh Holohan, Darragh Buggy, Willie Cuddihy, Davy Ryan, Mason Clifford, Conor O'Loughlin, Stephen Farrell.

25th June 2013

Aylward Cup

Dicksboro 4-10  Glenmore 0-12

Our last display in the Aylward Cup against Mooncoin lead to a disappointing defeat and so it was nice to get back to winning ways this evening in Palmerstown. The 'Boro's first score came after three minutes from Shane Maher who added another 1-1 before the end of the match. In the first fourteen minutes the teams were level on four separate occasions, but the 'Boro's break came on the twentieth minute with a free from Martin Gaffney around 35 yards out that made its way straight to the back of the Glenmore net. A further 1-2 before half time gave Dicksboro a well-deserved half time lead of 2-6 to 0-7.

Marco Ruessman was brought on as a substitute at half time and quickly made his mark on the game with a point after less than thirty seconds. Glenmore responded with four points before the 'Boro could register another score. The 'Boro were back to fighting form with this goal in the eleventh minute from Shane Maher. We dominated the last ten minutes of play adding 1-3 to Glenmore's 0-1.  Dicksboro's defence put in a very good performance throughout this game, with Glenmore only having one clear chance at goal in each half, the first saved by Philly Hogan in the first half when he cleared what looked like a certain goal from the line and another in the second half when Cillian Breathnach bravely came out to throw his body in the way of a goal-ward bound shot.

Panel:  Cillian Breathnach, Mikey Hayes, Danny Kenny, Philly Hogan, John Fagan, David Glynn, Kevin Nolan, Cillian Starr (0-2), Willie Cuddihy, Derek O'Gorman, Shane Maher (1-2), Martin Gaffney (2-3, 1-3f), Peter Turley(1-0), Eoin Fennelly(0-1), Shane O'Brien, Ciarán Gough, James Gittens, Marco Ruessman (0-1), DD Molloy, Enda O'Donoghue, Dylan Scott.

18th May 2013

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 3-8  Danesfort 1-15

Leading by 2-5 to 1-6 at HT, in this our third league match, the 'Boro supporters present in Bennettsbridge were hopeful that this might be our first win, although mindful that Danesfort still packed a punch.  Our first half goals came from Shane Maher and Martin Gaffney and all the points from frees.  The second half, however, did not go to plan, as we struggled to get scores, a point from Martin Gaffney on the thirteenth minute (our first from play in the match), was our only score until the twenty fourth minute with a Shane Maher point.  By that time, Richie and Paddy Hogan had helped themselves to seven points to give Danesfort the upper hand.  A late penalty, on the thirty second minute, was very well executed by Martin Gaffney, but we ran out of time before we could score that precious point to draw the game.

Panel:  Aaron Duggan, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Kevin Nolan, Cillian Buckley, John Fagan, Martin Gaffney (2-6, 1-5 frees), Oisin Walsh, Ollie Walsh, Cillian Starr, Shane Maher (1-2, 0-1 free), Tom Manning, Cillian Breathnach, Eoin Fennelly for Cillian Starr, Conor O'Loughlin, Evan Cody, Davy Ryan for Tom Manning, Mikey Hayes, Michael Rafter, Stephen Farrell, Shane O'Brien, Darragh Holohan, Paddy Cahill.

11th May 2013

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 0-13  O'Loughlin Gaels 2-15

Dicksboro may have scored first from a Martin Gaffney free in this, our second league match, but O'Loughlins replied emphatically with 1-3 before our next score, this time a point from Ollie Walsh.  That is not to say it was all O'Loughlins during this period, Michael Fagan started a move that could have lead to a Cillian Starr goal but for a very good stop from Stephen Murphy on the O'Loughlins goal.  Three more points from O'Loughlins meant that by the twentieth minute we were trailing by 0-2 to 1-6, a formidable lead to give to a team of the calibre of O'Loughlins.  Indeed one of these O'Loughlin points came from a 65 after Aaron Duggan brilliantly deflected a David Burke shot on goal, which if successful, would have made things quite ominous for us.  The 'Boro did outscore the Gaels by four points to two in the last ten minutes but we still went in behind on a HT score of Dicksboro 0-6  O'Loughlin Gaels 1-8, seven of the O'Loughlin points coming from placed balls.

By midway in the second half, both teams had added four points to their tally and the period between the fifteenth and eighteen minutes were to prove crucial to the outcome of this game.  Firstly, Martin Gaffney was bearing down on goal when he was rugby tackled and awarded a free from which he scored a point and then David Burke from O'Loughlins scored a goal, giving them a 2-12 to 0-11 lead, instead of a potential one point lead.  If the 'Boro had to score a goal at this stage, anything might have happened.  Scores from play were not coming to easy for us (0-3 in the second half), whilst David Burke had a personal tally of 1-4 from play in the second half.  The combination of the two was the difference, we were beaten by the better side on the day.

Panel:  Aaron Duggan, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Kevin Nolan, Cillian Buckley(0-1), John Fagan (0-1), Tom Manning (0-1), Martin Gaffney (0-7, frees) Ollie Walsh(0-3), Derek O'Gorman, Shane Maher, Cillian Starr, Eoin Fennelly for Derek O'Gorman (inj), Mikey Hayes for Enda Malone (inj), Cillian Breathnach, Davy Ryan (inj), Stephen Farrell (inj), Evan Cody (inj), Philly Hogan, Michael Rafter, Darragh Buggy, Kevin Kenny (inj), Oisin Walsh (inj), Jessie Watters, Darragh Holohan.

28th April 2013

Senior Hurling League

Dicksboro 2-10 Ballyhale Shamrocks 4-13

Ballyhale Shamrocks, the current senior county champions were always going to be a tough nut to crack in our opening game of the league. Even without Henry Shefflin and TJ Reid, they were a formidable force today, a force we were unable to combat. Mark Aylward gave the Shamrocks a dream start with a goal in less than a minute of the throw-in. Cillian Buckley replied with a 'Boro point two minutes later and soon after that the Shamrocks goalie failed to gain control of a high ball, dropping it in front of Shane Maher who tapped it into the net. It was the first of three occasions in the first fourteen minutes that the 'Boro went ahead on the scoreboard. It was in the second quarter of the first half, that the Shamrocks started to take a grip of this game, scoring 2-4 during this period bringing the HT score to Dicksboro 1-7 Ballyhale Shamrocks 3-7, all of the Ballyhale scores coming from play.

The second half was just as disappointing from a 'Boro point of view, Ballyhale outscoring us by 0-4 to 0-2 in the first eight minutes of the half and we did not seem comfortable at all. The game went into the doldrums for the middle section of the second half and only came to life again after a very good Ollie Walsh goal, followed two minutes later by a Martin Gaffney point from a free to bring the teams within four points of each other. Unfortunately this spurred on Ballyhale more than us as we failed to score for the last twelve minutes of the game whilst Ballyhale added a further 1-2 to make the full time score Dicksboro 2-10 Ballyhale Shamrocks 4-13.

Panel: Aaron Duggan, Kieran Cuddihy, Danny Kenny, Enda Malone, Michael Fagan, David Glynn, Conor O'Loughlin, Cillian Buckley (0-3), Cillian Starr, Tom Manning, Martin Gaffney (0-4, frees), Ollie Walsh (1-0), Kevin Kenny (0-1), Shane Maher (1-1), Paul O'Flynn, Cillian Breathnach, Davy Ryan, Kevin Nolan for Conor O'Loughlin(inj), Derek O'Gorman, Eoin Fennelly (0-1) for Tom Manning, Evan Cody for Danny Kenny(inj), Philly Hogan, Stephen Farrell for Paul O'Flynn(inj), Mikey Hayes, Michael Rafter, Daragh Buggy, Mason Clifford, Jessie Watters, Daragh Holohan.

Match Photos by John Glynn

13th January 2013

Senior Football Relegation Final

Dicksboro 2-10 Erin's Own 1-7

Our Senior footballers travelled to Canon Kearn’s Park to meet local team Erin’s Own in the Football Championship Relegation Final last Sunday and came away with a well deserved win to secure our Senior status for 2013. Leading at HT and playing some lovely football we dominated most of this game with Paul O’Flynn putting in a Man of the Match performance, scoring 2-5 of our 2-10 tally. Other players who stood out were Shane Maher, Ciaran Gough, Kevin Nolan and a very solid DD Molloy in goal. Dicksboro 2-10 Erin’s Own 1-7.

Panel: DD Molloy, Ruairi Morrissey, Ciaran Gough, JJ Hogan, Eoin McCormack, Kevin Nolan, Marco Ruessman, Conor O’Loughlin, Paul O’Flynn, Enda Malone, Tom Manning, Philip McCabe, Podge Lacey, Cillian Breathnach, Shane Maher, Sammy Morrissey.

16th February 2013

Senior Football League

Dicksboro 1-8 Kilmoganny 0-8

Dicksboro Seniors had a great win today over fancied Kilmoganny. Our better start, putting 1-1 on the scoreboard within three minutes put us on a good footing, the goal coming from Marco Ruessman. DD Molloy was called into action on the goal shortly after, blocking down a Kilmoganny shot from three yards. Kilmoganny had to wait until the ninth minute to score their first point, but at this stage Paul O'Flynn had helped himself to his second point. It has to be said that the 'Boro were playing the far better football in the first half, patiently holding on to the ball and working it down field and well deserved their halftime lead of 1-6 to 0-3.

Kilmoganny came into the game a bit more in the second half, a shot driven right across our goal line in less than a minute of the start was a sign of their intention to bring the game to us. Another Kilmoganny effort after seven minutes rattled our crossbar. Undeterred, our defence stuck to their task and never panicked, DD again being called on to pull off a save midway through the half, while Ciaran Gough's blocking frustrated the opposition forwards. With Kilmoganny piling on the pressure, the ball was again cleared from our goal line, this time from Kevin Nolan. Two 'Boro points in the second half, one each from Paul and Shane Maher was enough to keep our opponents at bay. A lot of spirit was shown by this 'Boro team today. FT Dicksboro 1-8 Kilmoganny 0-8.

Panel: DD Molloy, Ruairi Morrissey, Ciaran Gough, Enda Malone, Philly Hogan, Kevin Nolan, Eoin McCormack, Paul O'Flynn (0-6, 0-1F), Conor O'Loughlin, Cillian Starr, Martin Gaffney, Philip McCabe, Peter Higgins, Shane Maher(0-2, 0-1F), Marco Ruessman(1-0), Mikey Hayes, Willie Cuddihy, Daniel Farrell, Aaron Duggan, Ger O'Donoghue, Podge Lacey, Niall Morrissey.