Dicksboro GAA Club

Under 16's 2013

 17th November 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'C' Hurling League

Dicksboro 4-12 Emeralds 1-9

Dicksboro's Roinn 'C' team were pitted against Emeralds, the same team that beat them in the championship, in todays league final, held in Freshford.  An early pointed free got us off to a good start by Emeralds replied with three unanswered points and the county champions were looking strong at this stage.  The changing point in this game was very obvious and that was when the 'Boro scored two goals within two minutes to the great surprise of the Emerald boys who had beaten the 'Boro quite comfortably only a few weeks earlier.  Shaken to go behind, the Emeralds game plan came unstuck and we finished the half ahead by 2-5 to 0-7.

An early attack from Emeralds in the second half, yielded a point, but within six minutes the 'Boro had replied with 1-2 and were playing much better hurling.  We were now starting to gain more and more control all over the field and looked like a team that had no intention of been beaten.  The Urlingford boys, to their credit did keep trying to the end but as is often the case, it was the goals that won this game.

Panel: Gavin Byrne, Panos Brennan, Cian Butler, David Ryan, Shane O'Gorman, Robert Crotty, Liam Kennedy, Conor, Fitzpatrick, Alan Corcoran, Brian Power, Adam Clifford, Alan Phelan, Kieran Dunne (Capt), Oisín Gough, Dara Lynch, Eoghan Moylan, Brian Cleere, David Campion, Johnny Minogue, Joe Sheehan, Kieran Galvin, Trav
is Fahy, Jack Connelly.

Match Photos             Check out Dicksboro's Facebook Page for some video of the match.

10th November 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'A' League Final

Dicksboro 1-16  O'Loughlin Gaels 2-7

Congratulations to our Roinn ‘A’ panel on completing the championship and league double with yet another fine display of hurling last Sunday in the league final against O’Loughlin Gaels.  The ‘Boro lads set out their stall early, putting three points on the board within four minutes, not allowing their opponents to settle.  The Gaels did come back at us as you would expect from a team of their quality, bringing the game back to parity after twenty minutes on a score line of Dicksboro 0-7, O’Loughlin Gaels 1-4. The ‘Boro pushed on and finished the half very strongly and it was this scoring spree which was to eventually prove the winning of the game.  HT Dicksboro 0-13 O’Loughlin Gaels 1-5.  Both defences battened down the hatches in the second half in a very tenacious half.  Despite the low scoring from both sides in the second half, it was still very exciting and engaging.  Full marks to both sides for giving us such great entertainment in a time of year not suitable to hurling. 

Panel:  Oisín Gough, Cian Butler, Jim Dollard, Liam Kennedy, Thomas Kenny, Aidan Nolan, Robert Crotty, Chris Kavanagh, Conor Doheny (Capt), Alan Phelan, Kieran Ryan, Conor Fitzpatrick, Bill Sheehan, Robbie Murphy, Andrew Gaffney, Edward Moylan, Evan Carroll, Gavin Byrne, Adam Clifford, Alan Corcoran, Peter Lynch, Dara Lynch, David Ryan, Panos Brennan, Kieran Dunne, Cormac Buggy, Shane O’Gorman, Brian Power, Travis Fahy, Aaron Malone (inj).

 17th September 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'A' County Final

Dicksboro 1-17 James Stephens 0-10

For only the fourth time in the clubs history our under 16's have won the Roinn 'A' County Championship after beating our neighbours, James Stephens this evening in Jenkinstown.  A strong wind made this a game of two halves, the wind favouring the Village in the first half, but despite this, they were only able to open up a four point lead by half-time.  HT Dicksboro 0-5 James Stephens 0-9.  The 'Boro boys grew in confidence the more this game progressed after getting off to a slow start, but five unanswered pointed frees in the first twenty minutes of the second half gave us the lead for the first time and once we got this lead you could visibly see the boys upping their game to another level to finish off our gallant opponents.  A one point return from the Village in the second half speaks volumes about our dominance. 

Dicksboro Panel:  Oisín Gough, Cian Butler, Jim Dollard, Evan Carroll, Thomas Kenny, Aidan Nolan, Aaron Malone, Chris Kavanagh, Conor Doheny, Andrew Gaffney, Kieran Ryan, Conor Fitzpatrick, Bill Sheehan, Edward Moylan, Robbie Murphy, Gavin Byrne, Liam Kennedy, Robert Crotty, Alan Phelan, Adam Clifford, Alan Corcoran, Peter Lynch, Dara Lynch, David Ryan, Panos Brennan, Kieran Dunne, Cormac Buggy, Shane O’Gorman, Brian Power, Travis Fahy.

Match Photos by John Glynn              Post Match Celebration Photos

14th August 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'C' Championship

Dicksboro 4-6 Galmoy/Windgap 1-14

What a finish we experienced in this Roinn 'C' championship semi-final against Galmoy/Windgap, held in Ballyraggett this evening.  Things were not looking too good for the 'Boro in the first half and indeed we did not really get going until fourteen minutes into the second half.  Trailing by 0-2 to 1-8 at HT, we certainly had an uphill battle ahead of us and the Galmoy/Windgap lead could not be put down to weather or any other reason than they were playing better than us.  Four minutes into the second half and our opponents had added two more points to give them an eleven point lead.

A pointed 65 on the sixth minute, followed two minutes later by a goal gave us a lifeline but Galmoy/Windgap replied with three more unanswered points to give them back a commanding ten point lead.  A few positional and personnel changes started to play dividends when we scored a goal on the fourteenth minute which we immediately followed up with a point.  Another 'Boro point a couple of minutes later gave us the belief that we could win this game.  Galmoy/Windgap were to score only one more point in this half while the 'Boro added another 1-1 in normal time, but we were still two points behind as we headed into injury time.  It has to be said that the 'Boro were playing much better than our opponents at this stage and with great determination.  Deep in injury time we were awarded a free, thirty metres out, which was driven in low but blocked.  The Galmoy/Windgap defence were not able to clear the ball and as everyone struggled to get possession in the square, the ball was pulled on and ended up in the top of the net.  This was the final passage of play in a very exciting and determined second half from the 'Boro.  The boys have earned their place in the championship final.

Panel:  Gavin Byrne, David Ryan, Kieran Galvin, Eoghan Moylan, Johnny Minogue, Shane O'Gorman, Petar Lynch, Cormac Buggy, Alan Corcoran, Adam Clifford, Kieran Ryan, Dara Lynch, Brian Cleere, Brian Power, Kieran Dunne, Panos Brennan, David Campion, Joe Sheehan, Sean Boyd, Jack Connolly, Travis Fahy.

7th August 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'A' Hurling Championship

Dicksboro 4-27  Mooncoin 1-4

Our under 16 team had an emphatic win over Mooncoin this evening in Windgap in the Roinn 'A' championship.  Our opponents in the semi-final of the Roinn'A' championship has yet to be decided.

Panel:  Oisin Gough, Evan Carroll, Cian Butler, Liam Kennedy, Robert Crotty, Aidan Nolan, Aaron Malone, Chris Kavanagh, Thomas Kenny, Conor Fitzpatrick, Conor Doheny, Alan Phelan, Bill Sheehan, Edward Moylan, Robbie Murphy.

11th May 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'C' Hurling League

Dicksboro 5-15  Carrickshock 0-2

Four games played and still unbeaten in the league (three wins and a draw), this young under 16 team had another excellent win over Carrickshock this afternoon.  As the score reflects, we were on top of this game from start to finish and in every part of the field. 

Panel:  Gavin Byrne, David Ryan, Cian Butler, Panos Brennan, Peter Lynch, Robert Crotty, Johnny Minogue, Cormac Buggy, Liam Kennedy, Alan Phelan, Conor Fitzpatrick, Brian Power, Dara Lynch, Oisin Gough, Kieran Dunne, Sean Boyd, Kieran Galvin, Brian Cleere.

9th May 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'A' Hurling League

Dicksboro 3-17  James Stephens 2-11

Last week's match against Mooncoin ended in a very one-sided victory for the 'Boro but today's match was always going to be a sterner test.  In the first nine minutes it looked like a game that could go down to the wire, both teams level at Dicksboro 0-5 James Stephens 1-2 but from that point on, the 'Boro boys dug in, opened their shoulders and started to put a few scores on the board as well as defend heroically.  This effort resulted in a HT score of Dicksboro 2-12  James Stephens 1-5.
The second half started with a Village goal to bring their deficit back to seven points but in truth, the 'Boro never looked like they were going to concede this game, doing just enough to keep a healthy distance in the scoring margin and finishing very well deserved winners. 

Panel: Oisin Gough, Evan Carroll, Cian Butler, Liam Kennedy, Aaron Malone, Aidan Nolan, Robert Crotty, Chris Kavanagh, Thomas Kenny, Andrew Gaffney, Conor Doheny, Kieran Ryan, Bill Sheehan, Edward Moylan, Alan Phelan, Cormac Buggy, Kieran Dunne, Brian Power, Gavin Byrne, Conor Fitzpatrick, Darragh Lynch.

19th April 2013 

Under 16 Roinn 'A' Hurling League

Dicksboro 3-17  Slieverue 1-7

Our under 16's set out their stall early in this league game against Slieverue with a point on the board in less than a minute.  Three more followed before Slieverue raised a white flag from a 20 metre free.  The source of the scores from both teams was a good indicator as to the way they were playing, 0-4 of Slievrue's tally of 1-7 coming from frees whilst only one point of the 'Boro's tally of 2-8 came from a free in the first half.  The 'Boro were on top but more work needed to be down to stop the expected second half challenge.  HT  Dicksboro 2-8  Slieverue 1-7.  The 'Boro were even more emphatic in the second half, gaining control throughout the pitch and keeping our opponents scoreless for the half which was no mean feat as they had some very good hurlers. 

Panel:  Oisin Gough, Evan Carroll, Cian Butler, Liam Kennedy, Aaron Malone, Aidan Nolan, Robert Crotty, Thomas Kenny, Chris Kavanagh, Kieran Ryan, Conor Doheny, Andrew Gaffney, Alan Phelan, Robbie Murphy, Bill Sheehan, Alan Corcoran, Brian Power, Cormac Buggy,  Dara Lynch, Gavin Byrne, Panos Brennan, Edward Moylan(inj).

12th April 2013

Under 16 Roinn 'A' Hurling League

Dicksboro 3-19 John Lockes 0-6

The final score in this match tells its own tale. This was a game in which the 'Boro were completely on top in all sections of the field from start to finish with just two of Callan's points coming from play. Our next game is on in St. John's Pk on Monday 15th April at 6.30pm and this will no doubt provide us with a more un-sparing challenge.

Panel: Oisín Gough, Cian Butler, Aaron Malone, Evan Carroll, Aidan Nolan, Jim Dollard, Robert Crotty, Chris Kavanagh, Thomas Kenny, Andrew Gaffney, Kieran Ryan, Conor Doheny, Bill Sheehan, Edward Moylan, Robbie Murphy, Brian Power, Kieran Dunne, Cormac Buggy, Liam Kennedy, Dara Lynch, Alan Corcoran, Adam Clifford, Alan Phelan, Gavin Byrne, David Ryan.