Founded 1909

Co. Kilkenny

Summer Camp 2021




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Parental Consent

  • We/I consent to the above Application and to undertakings given by the Applicant.
  • We/I understand the personal data on this form will be used by the Club and the GAA for the contractual purpose of registering for Dicksboro GAA Clubs Summer Camp 2020.
  • We/I understand that the Personal Data will be retained by the Club and the GAA.
  • We/I understand that we/I can withdraw the Applicant’s Application by writing to the Club or the GAA and their Personal Data will then be erased.
  • We/I understand that the Applicant’s Personal Data will also be used for administrative purposes.
  • We/I understand that if we/I do not provide the Applicant’s Personal Data their application for inclusion in Dicksboro
  • GAA Clubs Summer Camp 2020 cannot be registered with the Club and the GAA.

Data Protection

  • We/I have read the important Data Protection information on this form and have given our/my consen for our/my information to be used as follows:
  • (1) To provide us/me with updates regarding Dicksboro GAA Club Summer Camp activities.
  • (2) We/I am aware that our/my child’s photograph or video image may be taken whilst attending or participating in games or activities connected with the Camp and we/I consent to it being used by the Club for items like programmes, year books, event reports or on the Club website or social media channels.
  • (3) In case of medical emergency or general medical care, we/I give consent for medical treatment for the named participant by authorized personnel. We/I certify that our/my child has our/my permission to attend camp and particiapte in all activities.
  • We/I understand that we/I can withdraw our/my consent at any time by writing to the Secretary, Dicksboro GAA Club.
  • We/I understand our/my rights under Data Protection legislation, as outlined on later on this form.

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